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Thursday, February 02, 2012


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I'm loving those ampersands!!!

Another CO girl here...up in the foothills where we got probably about 4' of the stuff. One good thing about snowy winter days is it's perfect for working on those fun fabric projects. Just adding all those little blooms to my "Pure Happiness" quilt now!

Wish the hospital granted snow days from work but no such luck. You guys enjoy your snow day!

You can have the snow and KEEP it! We've had an amazing winter here so far (MA). 6 or 7" of snow about 2 1/2 weeks ago but it was light and fluffy and easy to sweep away with the broom. Only problem with this mild wonderful winter is that...I've got crocuses, daffodils and tulips poking up through the ground and it's too early so I fear my garden may be sparse this spring!!!

Good luck on the snow day! I am in FL right now visiting my parents so hoping for NO SNOW! LOL. I am excited about the project for this month. I better go order a kit. Thanks for the heads up!

Snow days are so fun!!! It was sunny and over 50 here in the Pac. N.W. But I worked on (and completed!) my journal cover cute!!!
Thanks for all of your incredible ideas!

I hope the kids get their snow day. My girls' karate class was cancelled here in the Springs tonight and so far the roads are just wet. Though I'm told they are worse on the north side of town.

I'm fairly new to quilting and I've been snatching up Pure fabrics when I can because the colors are what I've been collecting to make a quilt for my room. :)

Wishing for snow here in Ohio too! It's been like early spring instead of mid-winter.

It was there and then it was GONE!

Thank you so much!!! I love this line and have been on the look out for some of it!! I quick went and snatched up 2 bundles :) You ladies are just so amazing!!!

Good luck! We live in NE & are hoping for a snow day as well. My kids are trying to do a snow dance even as I type.

I LOVE snow days!! I've got my fingers crossed!

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