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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


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Cute little bunting style triangles on the apron. :) I love the artwork you mum made - particularly the way each board seems to be individually distressed. Lots of fab creative things happening at your place...

I absolutely love those bags!! The shape, ruffle and flower-wonderful. Is there any way if you could let me know if they'll be available to distributors for wholesale or if we would need to go directly through you and approx. how big the bag is? I'm thinking they may be our next "must have" in the shop!!

UGH!!!! Too late for me to get the Multi colored bag!!! I knew I should have checked here before going to bed last nite...but alas I didn't and now they're all gone!! will have to wait for the Fabric Shops to get their canvas and order what I need! Love everything you're up to!! That apron can really be reversible, if you get something on you before company arrivesjust turn it around and you've got a clean cute with those them!

Can you tell your mom that I NEEEEEED one of those for my new house? Pretty please? Gosh it is cute!

Not surprising though, everything you girls come up with is amazing!

LOVE all your stuff!! I would like one of everything! Is there anyway you will have more kits available for the multi-colored canvas tote? I just love your Reunion fabric.
OK, back to your Etsy store.....
Jeanne in Missouri

Very cute, love your new projects, especially the little treat bags. They would look great on the table with goodies in them.

You've done it again! Absolutely love Mom's subway art; darling multi-colored bag; and of course, that fun and delightful jelly bean bag.
I almost forgot that apron is the cutest thing this side of the Rockies!

Me too! Love the barnboard number piece.

I also love those totes :)

Super cute projects. Yeah, your mom can make me one, too. Also not subtle!

tell your mom to make me one too!!!! (a not so subtle hint)

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