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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


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Maybe you have just a bit of fabric for a few more bags!! Pleeeeaaaasssssseee.

I need to keep my eye on this site...glued to the site! I keep missing great things. :-)

The numbers would make a great canvas/label!!!!

Well, I missed out again. Shucks!! Really like the gray.

Oh, I've been thinking about the multicolored one......I guess there was no time to think though!

The apron is so cute!

Hey, that explains why I couldn't find the white kit in the sop the other day. But I love the gray. Gonna go look for it now. So happy for you that you've had such a great response.

Yeah, I need another bag like I need a hole in my head, but oh well!

SO glad we have a local fabric store that just got the canvas in this week! So I snagged up the pattern & can't wait to make it!!

By the time I got to check out the colorful bag kits, they were gone! The grey is tempting though...
And the signs? Amazing!

Oooh they grey is gorgeous!! I already ordered the navy though :(

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