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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


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I'm guessing a beautiful dress. So excited to see the finish product.

Why am I thinking brooch? I'll say that because it would make that outfit special.

I'm thinking that it's a little black dress?

most likely a black dress!

Well, I am not sure--- like you said, at first sight I was thinking "teddy"--- but, it's not that, so I think it is most likely a..... dress? If not that, then I'll bet it's a top... Looking forward to seeing the whole thing! :-) Oh, and thank you for the chance to win!

It's your cute black dress!
Thanks so for sharing!

I think it's a fancy little black dress. And I must be to old to remember smacs.........

OK, this is not easy. At first I thought it was a shawl. But I'm thinking it's a dress now.

Maybe a dress

I love polka dots.......a dress??? thanks for the opportunity to win! Nurse Payne

I'm going to guess a shawl or wrap. So cute! Thanks!

I am guessing a dress! Thanks!

Its so hard to see the picture but I'll take a stab at a dress or top. Love the polka dots!

Oh this is a tough one! A dress, hat?

I would guess a dress or blouse. I think I owned a navy blue one with dots.

I'm going to guess a purse. My first instinct was a hat so watch that be it! lol

Looks like the neckline of a garment. Jacinta

It's an elegant top with lace, that could be part of a dress, but also 't-shirt'. I can even see the lace on the dark fabric. Look forward to seeing the whole ...

I'm going with a black dress with polka dot trim. I'm sure it's lovely.

I am guessing a dress. Thank you for the chance at the giveaway!

I'm guessing a dress.

I guess it must be a dress.

I am guessing a dress...hard to tell from the small pic. But I do love the pokadots!

I'm going to guess it's a dress. (although I'm still giggling about the post that suggested it was a lampshade!)

I'm guessing it is your favorite 'little black dress'.

Looks like a lace-trimmed neckline of a black polka-dot dress. Maybe that soft, stretchy fabric that hangs so softly. Cute! Thanks for the chance to play.

I'm guessing it is a hat. I'll bet you can rock a hat. Sadly, I cannot.

A lacy dress or pretty blouse. Love Reunion, and I can't wait for Lucy's Crab Shack!!!!

A you look darling in it as well!

Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

uh-oh from the teeny-tiny picture I'm going to guess dress. I'm glad styles have changed too, especially from high wasted jeans to below the waist, oh what a relief it is. Thank you.

It looks like a cute little black dress! With some awesome polka dots and lace :)

I see a lovely dress.

I think it is a dress or part of an outfit you wear for funeral services.

It is your Little Black Dress and it looks lovely!

Looks like a cute little black dress.

My first thought .... Lamp shade...

It's definitely a purse.

I guess I will go along with the majority and say it is a dressy dress. Thanks for the chance to win some of your fabulous fabric. :-)

I'm going to guess a lovely polka dot top embellished with lace.
PS> I totally love your fabrics!

Looks like a special black dress.

A fun polka dot dress!

My guess is your Little Black Dress. Love the polka dots!!

I think perhaps a dress or a pretty slip. It is really cute though. Love reunion...thanks for the chance to win.

I think that your "not so vintage" item is a dressy dress that you wear only on very special occassions. What I can see of it looks very pretty.

I am guessing a little black dress.

I think it's a dress ? I probably would have thought lingerie without the clues though !

I think dress and can picture the dots!

My guess is a little black dress, perfect for the evening out. :)

BTW, never heard of Smacs!

You're absolutely right - that is a tiny picture, but my best guess is a cute Easter hat!
Loved those Smacs, I remember my daughter wearing them and she loved 'em!

A pretty little black dress with some lovely details.

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