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Friday, January 20, 2012


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The heart pouch being used to hold silverware? They would be such nice party favors for my Bunco group when they come to my house in February.

I like them all- but the towel is my favorite.

14 kisses pillow if you have a sweetheart

The heart towel, too lovely...

How could I possibly choose a favorite. They all are my favorites.

I adore everything, but I think the kisses pillow is SO cute!

I love the towel and the heart pouches! Thanks for all the great ideas and products! You are inspiring!

Love the valentime canvas print.

It's a toss up between the prints and the charms, but probably the prints

This is my second post so you can throw it out for the chance to win. I went back today and you had the heart pouches and I order them and the postcards. Thank you so much for making them available. I love, love, love to make life sweet!

Love them all so it's hard to decide but I think it would be the wreath. You three are just so creative it amazes me all the time!

the valentine pouch is so sweet. Janita

They're all so adorable, but I think I like the 14 kisses pillow best of all! Thanks!!

Valentine Canvas Prints--those are my favorites followed by the charms.

the canvas prints were my favorite!

I went to Etsy to get the heart pocket kit and didn't see any! Please tell me you will have more!

my favorite are the valentine charms.

It has been fun! I love the heart towel

I agree with most of the comments... everything so cute! But, the tag wreath just keeps catching my eye. Thanks for another great giveaway!

My favorite was the valentine pouch with the charm on the zipper!! I couldn't wait each day to see what was next. Thanks!!

I think my favorite was the charms. So much fun. Thanks for sharing this week and for the giveaway. Happy Valentines.

I'm all over the Love Lives Here print. Love things that speak to a holiday but can speak as well to the everyday.

Ooh, I think my favorite is the little Valentine pouch. SO adorable!
Thanks for having the giveaway!

How can you pick just one? You always create such darling things!!! But if I had to choose, it would have to be ummmm....the canvas prints. Darling!!!!

How can I choose just one... today it is the Canvas prints. Tomorrow it may be the charms. Thanks you for so much.

I LOVE the "love lives here" print...I am making a quilt with your "Reunion" fabric and this print would be perfect...Thanks for the great giveaway! Love everything you send our way :)


OMG! How can you pick just one? I think I love, about the.....I just have to love ALL of them!

I just love that Heart Pocket kit. I'm so sad that you have sold out of them on your etsy site!! Would you please offer at least the pattern in the future? Pretty please?

I'll pick the heart "wreath"--very clever!! However, several of the others were also good--heart towel and Valentine charms.

Keep those creative "juices" flowing, Sweetwater team!

I LOVE the Valentine pouch and the 14 Kisses pillow!

Love them all, but the Valentine Pouch and the 14 Kisses Pillow are favorites!!

I loved the Valentine Heart towel and the Valentine Charms!!

I really love the kisses pillow....well and the charms... and the pillow heart pockets! :) thanks!

The Valentine wreath is my favorite, but it's a tough choice, they are all so cute!

They are all gorgeous but I love the Valentine canvas prints. They would be easy to leave up all year round to enjoy! :)

I like the Love charms.

I love them all, but if I had to pick it would be the Love Lives Here framed label. Thanks for the opportunity.

Ilove the heart towel.

It was between the heart pillow, the heart zipper case and the heart towel. Since I am supposed to pick one it would have to be the towel. Thanks!

I really really really like the charms!!!

The valentine hearts were my favorite although....I did like several of the prints and the shape of the pouch was really cute.

They're all cute, but I love the charms! Too sweet. (especially the i love you one)

The charms are my favorite because they are so original and fresh. They look equally good indivdiually or mixed together.

love the wreath--ordered one. still trying to get the heart pocket.

The Valentine Canvas Print is my favorite. So cute!

The Valentine name label but I must say they are all so cute!

The valentine charms!
Thanks for the giveaway and greetings from germany, Hildy

Ummm... maybe the kisses pillow. They're all so cute!

Valentine Canvas Print, closely followed by the charms.

Jeez - they are all super duper! I'd almost have to eeny meeny miney moe to pick just one! Make it be theeeeeeeee, fudge, I just don't know which one! The Valentine Charms. There I picked!

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