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Friday, January 13, 2012


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I know these charms are from the past year but I would really like some as Christmas gifts

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A Pat's fan telling you that the Bronco's had a great year with Tim as your quarterback. Go Pats and Giants

Sorry about The Broncos. I know it hurts but they made this season fun and there will be a new year to start all over again.

Our S.F. 49ers pulled it off in the last few about a nail biter! ;p

These charms are just stunning ... love them! Inspired to begin some valentine's creations!

Ooo I think the first one was made just for me. They really are lovely, and since I know nothing what so ever about American football, I'll say go Broncos as well.

Cute- I like the hearts. No, wait... I LOVE the hearts.

(And Patriots-schmatriots.)

Go Tebow...we've been fans since he was in college. And there couldn't be a better role model for the kids these days...

Love the charms! Love football season! It's when I get most of my handwork done because my husband is firmly planted in front of the games! He's a HUGE Broncos fan from way back, but we live in New England, so this game will be fun to watch no matter which way it goes! Personally I don't care who wins, but I do think the Patriots have better looking uniforms! That's the extent of my football talk...nice looking uniforms! Now back to that Make Life bag I was getting ready to post about on my website!


The charms are darling! But I have to disagree....... go Patriots! :)

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