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Monday, January 16, 2012


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This is CUTE! Love it!

I am sad about my Packers losing, too.

Oh my gosh that is so super cute!


Just love this little pouch, especially the polka dot lining.

Just a quick little love note....tis the season, right?

Just bought your book!
Love it.
I must live under a rock, for I never knew about "Sweetwater"....
And now, to add frosting to my Sweetwater cake...a blog.

So excited.

Love this, it can be adapted so many ways, and I'm sorry for your poor broken heart.

I've ordered it with charms. (It's gotta have the charms!) As a Cleveland sports fan, I'm trying to feel your pain, although some of our biggest heartbreaks have come at the hands of the Broncos!

Love the bag. That would be a fun gift for our teachers! The charm is darling as a zipper pull is awesome!

And this Saints fan understands. So sad. So very, very sad.

FAB idea! And I love that you used a charm as a zipper pull. I'm not really into wearing charms, but as a zipper pull, I think they are perfect!!! Well done. :)

Oooooh! LOVE IT! ;p

Oh my, this post started out on such a happy note, but ended so sadly! My husband has a Bronco's broken heart too! But at least we still have the Patriots to cheer for!

But back to that darling zipper bag! Wow, is that CUTE! I love how the zipper goes all the way over the top. The charm on the zipper pull is the perfect touch!

Here's the link to my Make Life bags I mentioned the other day. I sent one (not shown) to my swap partner which is a little different but I'll show soon. Your fabulous fabrics make things like this even more fun!


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