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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


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That fabric....the text one....what line is that?? I want me some :) Where do i get it? lol. It looks fantastic!

I just got finished watching some of the videos that Moda posted of you, have the book and saw the new fabric collection at a quilt store last week. I'm even seeing patterns in the new fabric show up in quilt magazines! I'm so happy you brought back the newsprint theme! You guys rock!

Swoon! Your booth was FANTASTIC! Love the way the b&w set off the colors in your textiles!

Just loved looking at the wonderful stuff in your booth -- always such an inspiration. You ladies are the best. Thanks!

it looked fabulous. and so did your quilts. always nice to bump into you! till next time! :)

I love your booth! You ladies are so creative...I always wait with anticipation to see what you come up with! Hope the quilt shops in WA ordered all your fabric and patterns!!! Can't wait to get my label crew package...I look forward to it all month!!!

Have a great week!

so lovely. what a fantastic idea :>

I would have RUN to your booth!! Just cover your head with one of the Sweet Quilts and you won't have to think about winter...

What a great stand and I've just got my Simple Home book, it's fabulous.

I love the black and white backdrop! The new quilts and the new patterns are beautiful. ;0

I absolutely LOVE the look of your booth. I really wish that we would have been able to have made the trip to market to have seen it and met you gals in person...maybe spring market!

Your booth was beautiful. As always, unique. Loved the newsprint in the back ground. My favorite part was the gift bags for the charms.

Welcome Back! Your booth looked awesome. You're right the blackand white made your quilts pop! To see the quilt in b&w and then in color was great...also allowed you to vision is in another colorway.
SNOW, huh I hear ya...I hate it too! We set a record hear in the northeast...Huge Northeaster on OCT. 29. Some areas got as much as 16" which I know is not unusual for you...but here it has never happened before. hundreds of thousands of people still without power 5 days later we even have power crews from your wonderful state of CO. Thanks for the support.

I love the black and white pictures of the fabric and quilts. Makes me want to make a Black and White Quilt.

Your booth looks fantastic!

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