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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


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Another great collection!!!! Can't wait to see the patterns that go with it. All the colors are terrific but when red is in the mix, I must choose red. Congratulations. Linda Caldwell

I Love the Greys followed by the Navy!
It's refreshing to see Navy , a rarely used colour in modern collections.

Green or gray, green or gray....ummmm, GREEN!,

love love love this collection. my first pick is the red....then I saw the is a dingbat to chose...okokok....gray! (mauh)Liz

What a fun line of Fabric!!! I love the navy color line the best because it is so hard to find navy quilting fabric. I want to put these fabrics in my stash.

The grays! Beautiful

Love Reunion! At first I thought, cool, I'll go with the, the Navy....wait, the Yellow is really nice. Do I have to choose? I think I want it all!

Love the grey and actually the navy would look great with it too!

I love the navy the most, but the red comes in at a close second. I love them all but these are my favorites!!!! is so hard to pick...I love them all. The grey, no the navy is my favourite. It is so rich.

As I can see I'm not the only one having a hard time choosing just one color. I love the red, navy is beautiful also. Gray, green and yellow are gorgeous as well. All the colors work so well together. Beautiful!!

Thank you for the giveaway and a chance to win. usairdoll(at)gmail(dot)com

That red is just divine! And I love love love the text prints!

How could one pick ... I love the navy ... then the red and the grey is fantastic too!! I can't wait to see all the projects that you guys are going to come up with for this fabric line. I have made a number of projects from your line Hometown and can't wait to get my hands on this new line!!! Love them all!!!

Navy! I LIVE in navy blue and it is my all time favorite color! Wonderful collection.

Today my favorite is Green - but truely I love them all!! You three ladies are soooo creative -- every collection you've done is wonderful!!!

Thanks for sharing all the pics - sure is exciting to see them.

Everything is amazing! But it is a toss up for me between the red and the green! Nice work!

Stunning group of fabrics! I love the grey (and the red....)

Green would be my favorite. I'm trying to step out of the box a little more and this would be a gigantic leap =:0)

Oh my word! You have GOT to QUIT doing this to us!! LOL!!! I just purchased the entire line of hometown in yardage! haha!! And now... you go and tease us with these new beauties! You can bet i'll be saving my fabric stash monies from now until january! :D Picking just one? Darn near impossible me thinks! hmmm... I have to go with the greys... but the reds and limes are a close second - and I think the gray only won by a teensy weensy bit!

I like the color grey. It was a hard choice.
Cindy W.

I love the green. Thanks for the giveaway!

If I HAVE to just pick one, I think this time I'll go with the green, but I really love them all!

{swoon} I am certain that I need a bit of every single one.

Congratulations on another fabulous fabric collection! It's hard to chose but I think the green is my favorite.

Can't wait to see the new patterns you come up with for this line - I totally LOVE your pattern collections!!!

Must . . . have . . . the . . . grey !!!!

Another awesome collection!

What a beautiful line of fabric, and the colors - oh my goodness! I think I like it the best so far - congrats!

Oh my!!!! Irene played havoc with my life this past week and I've been 6 days without power!!! What a nightmare!!! No internet!!! NO SWEETWATER!!!! No TV! No cooking (Yay for that, but no restraunts either)!!!! no machine sewing, just some handwork during daylight hours!!! you get it!!! But I'm happy to be back and it looks like I'm just in time to get in on this one.
Once again you've given us another great collection. Your creativity knows no limits!!! I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite color in this collection, I'm such a red girl but ... it's either the grey or the green!!! The green reminds me of spring...the leaves on the trees, the grass freshly mown, how I love that scent. And the grey goes with so much in my maybe I'm going to have to say the grey.
Thanks once again to you ladies for another great give away!

I LOVE the wait - the RED...or the NAVY ...and the GREEN...eeeekkkkk!! DID I leave any out?? I just LOVE all of your collections and - as usual - can't wait for this one...
PS It was the YELLOW (I love that too....)

This collection is fresh and crisp! Kudos on designing a other stunning fabric group. The navy and green would make a nice project with some pinches of white

I've just discover grey as my new neutral so it would have to be the grey followed closely by the red.

I love all of the fabrics in this collection but I think I like the grays best of all. I think they are the new neutral that gives quilts of this era their own distinct personality. Very soothing.

I do love them all but today the red is calling out the loudest.

Love them all but I'm going to pick yellow with grey close behind. Love the whole collection.

I love the navy too. All the colors are great!

I love the Navy!! And the Red is a close 2nd! What great fabric!! :)

Loving those grays! I think the tones in this colloection are just soothing. Like coming home :)

I have to say the green in this case, although I am craving them all :)

I love them all but I have to agree, the Navy is my favorite. Usually when you see Navy in quilting fabric, it's not really very contemporary, but designed for Civil War quilts. LOVE IT!

Love the navy too, it goes with so many other fabric colors!

I love all the colors, but there is something very soothing about the gray. I think it sets off the other colors nicely and makes them more vibrant!

LOVE it all, but Navy is my favorite!

I haven't been this excited about a new fabric line in ages!! I HAVE to have it! It's like..... you read my mind!!!! My fav color way is yellow, but I'm only choosing because you made me-- I love them ALL!! (the navy is great! way to go!) Thanks for the great giveaway!

Wow...can't wait. My first favorite is navy, then green. Love the yellow too. I think I need it all! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

I thought for sure I'd say green since it is my favorite color. But I gotta pick the gray. LOVE it!

Reunion - how fun! My vote is for green today ( tomorrow this may change though...). Thanks so much!

I love the navy one too, but they are all lovely - you have done it again! How am I supposed to resist this? ;-)

Which color? Tough to choose -- first thought was grey, but then again I love the yellow, and what a nice shade of green, then again that red is my favorite shade, and I haven't done anything in navy lately. I guess I'd have to stick with my gut choice of grey. I didn't think you could top Hometown, but I think you've done it!

Oay, the yellow caught my eye at first (though I always love green) and the red is just fun and inviting -- and then I saw the navy banner - well, that shot to the top of my "need" list! Oh so sweet a collection...

As I went through the pictures of the different colors I would say, "Definately the green", then I would see another one and say, "Oh, definately the blue", then "Oh, it would have to be the red", and then let us not forget that really cool gray! I just can't make up my mind! I will be buying this entire collection!! Thank you for creating such beautiful things!

Love it a lot. really like the reds and the greens

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