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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


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Be careful what you wish for. I used to do the same thing - finger stuck in my cheeks because I wanted dimples. Now,(at age 60) I have dimples, BUT they are on the wrong cheeks!

adorable kids and great pics. do you pretend you are going to school the week before school actually starts??? love the props. way better than the "SCHOOL" pics that we paid an arm and a leg for when my girls were little. Or the last minute pic as you are dashing out the door and your kids are saying "DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS EVERY YEAR" "YES WE DO, NOW SMILE". my husband Bryce has a dimple....could it be the name :) I'm thinking you have a bryce too somewhere in someone's family. my husband's sister's kids got the dimples.... really it's not fair.
but we did get beautiful smiles.
I have been oohing and aahhing over my new hometown fab. love every piece. have a wonderful weekend. the weather here in iowa is absolutely beautiful.

I'm so excited... I can't wait to see what's next!!!

I've been stalking some of the last remaining jelly rolls of Sunkissed!

Sorry i am one of those gals with dimples and yes when i was little i remember getting heaps of comments.

I know what your talking about. The sister of a friend has dimples and as a little girl I want to have them. But a few years ago someone told me that I have a gorgous smile. So forget the dimples it's all about the smile;-)
Greetings for germany

Awww! Cuteness personified! :)

MORE NEW FABRIC -- my debt will be almost as big as the National Debt -- well not quite that bad I guess! LOL Love your fabric, website, blog, label crew -- I'm hooked!

Either way, your models are adorable!! Exciting news that you have more fabric coming out ... wow!

What a cute post. When my son was born he had a VERY pronounced cleft chin...he was all cheeks and this cute little chin. Everyone from the nurses to the doctors wonderd about this chin of his. Where did it come from? Later, my dad strolled in and I'll be darned, if the man doesn't have a much more subtle cleft chin! You'd think a gal would remember such a thing about her dad. I think we can agree...dimples whether on the cheek or the chin are very cute.

I had sister dimple envy too, so not fair, plus she got the big boobs! I was totally ripped off!! Can't wait to see the new range!!
from way down under

My son has such deep dimples the girls at school call them craters! He's 16 and so embarrassed by the attention that his dimples get!

ACK - NEW FABRICS???? I'm sure it will be love at first sight!

I just received Hometown and can't wait to get started on a quilt for my bed, including pillows and shams.(ambitious aren't I?) New fabric, Oh My!! Can't wait to see this new line. I might have to quit eating. Preemie babies, I've had two, Not quite as small as yours but neither one had those cute dimples.

I totally did that, too! I used to jam my fingernails into my cheeks and smile and stay that way as long as I could to train my cheeks into getting the dimples my dad had.
Turns out, as you stated, that there are much more important things in life to worry about. :) Like my nose. (j/k)

what a cute post! i have those dimples you speak of..and so do my sweet kids!
i remember checking my kids EARS upon birth they certainly didnt want my ears!!

upon finding out you had a book coming out, i requested my library purchase a copy, and they did...and i just got it today. great work! lots of fun projects.

excited for your new fabric! loving to play with Hometown!

Such adorable cuties!!!

NEW FABRIC?! You just can't give my bank account a break, eh? ;) Jk!! Cant wait, I'm sure it will be AH MAY ZING!!

This post brought back so many memories! I was six when my sister was born and not only was I no longer an only child (a fact I didn't admit for at least a year)but, to add insult to injury, she had great big beautiful dimples! I'm 61 and still don't think I'm over it.

Yeah for healthy preemie babies! Mine were born at 30 and 31 weeks, 3lb 4oz and 4lb 10oz. Both are super healthy now!

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