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Thursday, July 21, 2011


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I live in the desert (Arizona) and that is why we don't have that many flowers in the summer. When I travel, I tend to take pictures of the flowers everywhere...some people think I'm weird because I get so excited about seeing all the beautiful colors!

I would like to make a change of address for the monthly club. Our tour in Korea is almost over...we fly out 2 Aug. Can I email the change...we already closed on our new house in California so I have an address in the states. I don't get there until almost the middle of Aug...we are driving from Atlanta to Sacramento. When the time get a little closer I will be slurging on a personal subway art, perhaps that quilting one and I have been craving that hometown fabric for months...I hope there are plenty of the pre-cuts left in a couple of weeks. I bet I drive through lots of those names on that fabric.

And that is exactly why I don't have plants. HAHA!

haha! my flowers look like that too. In the last 3 weeks we've gotten one rainstorm, it's crazy! (I dont' live in the desert).
I love that new subway art. Can't wait to see more (and hopefully purchase one!!)

Please email me when the new subway art is in! Thank you! Keep cool!!

I think your flowers are probably redeemable. Give them a REALLY good soak every couple of days, perhaps some liquid fertilizer, and cut off the dead bits. You might just surprise yourself yet :)
Congrats to the winner - Anne of Green Gables is a really cool read. I wanted to be her when I was a little kid! lol

You're flowers don't look too bad. I'm sure you could revive them by watering heavy once a day, and maybe a little fertilizer.
Looks like there is still quite a bit of green and the blooms on the flowers still look decent. You'd be surprised at how well plants revive after being dry for a few days, even in the heat. I wouldn't say they are dead yet!

That is funny about your flowers. We see our hanging baskets every day and still fail to water them enough.

Congrats to Samantha G. Oh boy you've taken me back.. I love Anne of Green Gables...loved the whole series that was on public television here. I think I'll look and see if I can buy that series. I would love for my granddaughters to watch that series. I've recently gotten them into American Girl dolls, books, and movies... the values and morals that are emulated in these stories are the ones that I wish for them to grow up with.
Sorry about your flowers...mine are doing pretty good so far but today we have 109 degree heat index and tomorrow will be worse...we're having a heat wave!!! UGH
Can't wait to see the new Subway Art!!!still holding my breath waiting for Hometown yardage. Getting closer, and closer and closer!!!! Yippee!!!

My poor flowers are all dead too. The extreme heat and it's rained only once all of July means they are brown and crispy.
Luckily the plants are a bit hardier and are still alive but even the hostas are starting to have burned leaves.

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