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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


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I saw this post the other day and wow does that picture of your daughter brings back memories. My sister and I we both were in 4H & FFA. And both of us were on the Jr. Fair Board. No, I do not come from a family of farmers or ever lived on a farm. My parent's property is large enough to hold small live stock. I had (tunis) sheep and my sister had rabbits. We both had our share of sewing and still life projects to boot too!
I also have a daughter who turned 11 this past April. She is my only child and yes, time has flown by ungodly fast. There are times I can hardly remember her being little. Then there are those small glimpes of a facial expression that she will make like she did when she was little and it makes me realize how fast time has flown on by. Sorry if I made ya tear up a bit, it caught me too!
But in regards to your daughter Jordan...Happy Eleventh Birthday!

My oldest girl also just turned 11 on 11th of this month. We said that was a once in a life time event that she turned 11 on 6/11/11. :) Anyway, time flies. Happy birthday for the girl and happy special day for Mom! (little late...)

PS - that black and white photo is simply gorgous.

Happy B-day to her!

It all goes by in such a flash. My baby girl had a baby girl 3 weeks now I get to enjoy those moments over again, without the lack of sleep! I love this house, I'll be in line on July 1st!

A very Happy Birthday to your daughter, and i am sorry to say that the next eleven will go just as fast, so take lots of photos and enjoy every minute.
I was just going to check your etsy to see if there was a pattern for the cute house, now i dont have to, all i have to do is wait not very patiently for my next labelcrew to arrive. My Hometown fabric is already here so i am nearly set.

I wish I could tell you the next 11 won't fly by... but if my life is any roadmap for time... the next 11 will fly by. IN the meantime... Happy Birthday Jordan!! Girls with J names are the best! ;-)

Happy Birthday to Jordan. My baby turned 11 on Monday so I know how you feel. It's all gone too fast. She starts high school in September. She's in such a rush to grow up.

Just wanted to say how excited I was to get my Hometown charms in the mail today. I have been waiting every so patiently and squeeled when I saw them. I LOVE them. They are cuter than I thought, not that I didn't they they were cute but just way cuter... did that make sense.
... and love the cute little bag they came in. Definately going to order more. Love all your stuff, everything.
love me :-)

Beautiful daughter and yes, the years fly by. My daughter is 32, her daughter just turned 5 and the resemblance is uncanny. She too will be all grown up before I know it. Anxiously awaiting the next label crew and MUST have the fabric to go along with it!!

Oh boy is Jordan pretty! I have loved when you have posted pics of her from the fair and whatnot.... I am so glad I am not the only daughter turned 9 the other day and I told my husband we are halfway done...he thought I was nuts but I see you understand. We must enjoy EVERYDAY!!!

I work in a quilt shop in Australia and am eagerly awaiting the bolts for "hometown" I have a layer cake hiding in my sewing room. I have just ordered a couple of your patterns and joined the label club. We should have lots of shop samples. Love the photos of your daughter.

Wow bringing back memories here...when my kids were 11 seems like yesterday and now they're 35, 33, and yes it does fly. Also memories of 4-H and fair season...I loved the responsibility it taught the kids and it kept them oh so busy.
Love the pincushion can't wait for my label crew package...I'll be watching for the fabric kit...and I'll be watching all the time so I dont' miss it!! LOL BTW can't wait to see what the "fun" is in "fun"!!!

Happy 11th birthday to Jordan! Sorry to break it to you, but the next 11 are gone in a flash!!

Love the new Label Crew kit; I can't wait for it!

Happy Birthday to Jordan. We are well into 4-H clubs and showing here too (rabbit, beef, dairy and lawn tractor.) I know the prep work that goes into getting the animals ready for the shows too :)

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