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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


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I liked you on facebook and have loved your blog for a long time and I think I pretty much "favorite" everything in your etsy shop.

ok I just liked yo on fb...and your blog is my new FAV!!!!!! and those charms I fear are going to become an obsession!!!!

I'm on Facebook but I always sign out and I only check it about once a week. I think Facebook is kinda creepy, on a personal level. I don't like how it pops up on random websites IF you do not sign out.

I much prefer to use it to check out quilt-related stuff. I enjoy getting quilt news on Facebook.

My dad is on Facebook and has more "friends" than I do, ha ha!

I liked you on Facebook! Yeah!!! Love your fabrics!!!

Yahooo! I am so happy that you are there, it will help me keep up on all things Sweetwater in one spot. And of course I liked it, I love Sweetwater!

Love Hometown! Love houses in general.......But,really love these houses.Welcome to Facebook!!!!!

Love this! Adorable :) Like your blog :)

Welcome to facebook! I 'liked' you on there!{Although I already liked you in the first place!}

Well I'm happy anyway ;o) I can check the blog update list so I still knows when you has a new post. Gosh, I'm just babbling on... Sorry ;o)

I would say I LOVE Sweetwater but that might sound weird. So for now I'll just "SUPER like" you okay?

Welcome to facebook! I 'liked' you on there!{Although I already liked you in the first place!}

I liked you on FB before I read this post =D Just beacouse a good friend liked you and that's how I knew you where on FB now.
I don't think you need to do much on your fanpage. If it let's me know when the blog has a new post, I'm happy. Well I'm happy anyway ;o) I can check the blog update list so I still knows when you has a new post. Gosh, I'm just babbling on... Sorry ;o)

Congrats to you on the new addition !!!!
I don't do facebook yet.....have barely figured out my phone just no time to figure all of this out, maybe someday..... I do like you though :)!!!!!

I'm not on Facebook either--I spend too much time on my laptop already! I do like your blog and all the great fabric lines you have designed.

I like you! I liked you before and I like you now. I like your fabric, I like your crafts, I like your family posts and I now like you on facebook. I just like you.

I don't have a Facebook page. I would need more hours in the day if I did - between blog-hopping, shopping for fabric and checking out the news, I spend WAAAY too much time on the internet right now!!

I enjoy following your blog!!! And I'm TOTALLY in love with your fabrics and patterns.

Sandra :)

Will you be offering any more subway art with the quilting words?

I will always 'like' you, admire you, emulate you, follow you, learn from you, hope well for you.

so i don't do facebook either. just not interested. and i'm not a computer person. all i can do to check out blogs, and play a bit. it's enough. if you're in my life it's because i choose you. might be missing out, but oh well. i can live with that. love your new charms.

I liked you! Although....I think it should be a "love" :)

I liked you before... but now I like you on facebook too! Glad you are having so much fun with it all!

When I read that you had a FB page to like I flew right over to do it! Never scrolled down to see the giveaway! Okay so, I checked back tonight and actually read your post. LOL! Love that you put your page up on FB and I can keep up with you that way!

Not the best Facebooker (is that a word?) myself I guess we can learn together. Went to Facebook to check thing out, looks great! I did click the like button.
Thanks for the chance to win!

:> I "like" u!

I check both every day - fb and your blog :-). So of course I "liked" you on fb!

Of course I "like" you!

Well I liked you - mostly so other quilters and crafters I'm friends with will see how incredibly awesome you all are. Personally I forget to check my FB for long periods of time but usually check the blogs I follow every day that I'm home. Good luck.

Welcome to Facebook! I 'liked' you! Love your things!

I love your blog. But updates on Facebook will be fun too! I absolutely covet 3 sweetwater charms ;)

facebook just seems like one more thing to do and I just can't seem to find the time for it.
Would love the charms

I liked you on Facebook! I don't get on Facebook much any more - it takes too much of my time just to keep up with all the blogs I follow - but it is a great advertising tool. One tip - I have seen a gadget for Blogger where you can post a button that people can click right on your blog to "Like" you on Facebook - it makes it a lot easier for people to like you if they don't have to leave your blog page!

I liked you on facebook! whoot whoot!

I do 'like' Sweetwater - I actually LOVE all your pretties - fabric, charms, patterns, labels, ideas... well, you get the idea!!

Love your labels, fabric, patterns... everything. Welcome to FB :)

nope. i'm not on facebook. it's just a fleeting trend. LOL!!
I know I need to get on the bandwagon and join facebook, but I already spend way too much time on the computer, and it never feels like enough time. Add in something like facebook and I won't come up for air for weeks.

(I love the new line, by the way)

I like on FB :) I have no tips. I went to a funeral one time and wondered how so many people knew about it and they said FB. So I have pretty much joined so I can see when something like a wedding or baby is born. Oh and to complain about the weather :)

I laugh at your post. I held out on facebook for forever. Still really don't want to be there, but with a son going away to college, everyone says that is a great way to keep in touch.

liked you on FB

I like and "liked" you and your stuff and especially the story about our Utah cop.

I liked you on FB!! Glad you decided to join!

I think I liked you on facebook, but I am new to this as well, and a get kind of confused as I move from profile to news feed, etc. My teenage boys shamed me into it when they stressed that even their grandma (age 85) had a page...Can't wait for hometown!

I'm not a facebook fan, but I am a big fan of Sweetwater. I just found your blog and love your fabric lines, patterns, charms and labels. I can not wait for Hometown fabic to come out or the Intersections pattern to be released. Thank you for producing such lovely things.

I'm with you! My husband and my three kids all facebook, and I'm the lone holdout in the family. I feel blessed to sit down for a few quiet moments to check out my favorite blogs (especially yours), and am so glad I don't have feel the "obligation" to respond back to facebook posts! Way too many other things I would rather be doing! Love the charms, and can't wait for Hometown release in the fall!

I "liked" you on Facebook (I even asked a question and you responded! -- thanks for the response). I use Facebook as a means to keep in contact with people that I know that I don't live near or see often. I'm able to keep in contact with my former classmates (of 50 years ago) on Facebook. I believe Facebook is a great communication tool and certainly can be beneficial to businesses! Welcome to Facebook!!

I Liked you on Facebook but agree, a LOVE button would work better. I know there is a lot wrong with Facebook but it is a great networking tool. I've found long lost friends, former students and even helped someone get a job through a facebook connection.

I "like" you (actually I LOVE you :) I got on to FB at the urging of some co-workers and my (then) teenagers....and now I'm hooked (but not to the point of needing a 12 step program)...and have learned ALL kinds of things about my kids they wish I didn't know! It IS a great place to network and stay in touch with friends/family who live far away. I do love Sweetwater and thanks for a chance to win - laurie

I have a facebook page that I never use. It was started so that I could share photos and view photos of two of my dearest friends who live far away. It doesn't work well for me...can't tell you why. I usually end up emailing or calling them. Plus, I'd rather see them face to face!
Can't tell you how much I LOVE the charms. The first time I saw them on the blog I literally sat here with my mouth hanging open. I don't know whose idea they were but you've got another awesome product. Go Sweetwater!!!

OK, I "like" Sweetwater on Facebook. In fact, I like Sweetwater anywhere. I also really like those charms. So, just for you, I will try to figure out Facebook! (Maybe as you guys figure it out I will figure it out too)

I don't "do" Facebook either, or Twitter come to that. I do have a FB page, but just forget it. I think it's cos I have no self-disciplin e and worry that I could find myself spending even more time on the computer than I do at the moment with blogging!

I too have resisted Facebook. The rest of the family enjoys it and my husband and I are the holdouts. Love the new charms and the new Hometown line...great colors in this group...the red is my favorite.

Don't do facebook as I don't want to be bothered with the same info from blogs. I think I can pretty much keep up-to-date reading blogs. There's great tutorials, fabric updates, and creative patterns that are shared or you can purchase. I like your style and would absolutely love a few of your charms.

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