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Thursday, January 20, 2011


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Would love to order a kit...can't find it on etsy...can you help?

I love the labels!

So cute! I'm working on an applique wall hanging using your newest fabrics. I'm also using it for a pillow, a lap quilt, an apron ... It's my current fabric crush!

I adore this. Love this. I want to know if it will be my valentine.

I love it! You guys come up with some of the freshest new designs!

I love it! I am a teacher and think this is way better than paper bags that get ripped in the excitement of the valentines.

I am loving this. You have come up with some brilliant designs for Valentines day.

What a cute idea! That might even be good for my girls' notes and letters they write to their friends almost nightly :)... Thank you :) As for Gen X, I'm a follower of hers already and of course I signed up for the Sweetwater label giveaway ;)

What a sweet little valentine bag! I love it.

These are adorable!

Headed to check out the Gen X quilter site next!

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