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Monday, September 27, 2010


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It was nice meeting you there! Your mom was fun to talk to, too. I've would like to track down some of the coffee sleeve kits since you were already sold out when I got there. Will you be putting more in your etsy shop?

Your booth was great and It ws fun to meet you both! I almost had to battle with a man for the last layer cake of the the Pure fabric. I gave in and let him have it for his sister!! But I got there too late on Saturday to get the fabric I really wanted. Is there anyone in the North Denver Metro area that sells the canvas Pure blue fabric?

We had a blast and it was great to meet you. I've already used all the fabric I purchased and am kicking myself for not buying more!! Can't wait until next year :-)

I'm glad it went all so well and lovely photos of the booth. There is something so lovely about seeing the fabric on the bolt..

Oh no! How did I miss it! I'm glad you had a successful event and I hope I don't miss it next year!

I love each and every line of your fabric. and I'm SOO excited for the next one to come out. Waiting (im)patiently...

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