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Monday, September 28, 2009


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So great to meet Karla and Susan in Longmont. My mom and I stalked your booth on Friday. I already stitched up my canvas pumpkin bucket Mom got for my birthday present- love it. Sorry we missed you.

Congrats and way to go on another success story!!!!
You guys have such talent - I love the fabric, but I will admit I miss the scrapbook lines!
Take care and best wishes.

I'm so glad that the show was a huge success for you!!! I love the Authentic line and I'm waiting patiently (okay maybe not so patiently) for it to arrive in the LQS I work at ;) I have the bundles of fat quarters and jelly roll from last market but that is never enough for a love like mine- I need yardage ;)

Congrats again on the great show this weekend!

I am one of the Friday shoppers. I wasn't going to Quilt-A-Fair until I saw on your blog that you would be there with fabric! As I told Susan and your mom, that decided it for me then and there. And I am so pleased that I emptied one of your bolts for you!!! I am sorry I didn't meet you, but there will be another show. Looking forward to all of your "new" lines and wish you tons of success. I love all that you do. Sincerely.

Will Authentic fabric be available by the yard on-line?

Okay, I am sooo jealous! For some reason, here in southern Utah nobody yet has the common sense to carry Authentic--so I'm dying to get my hands on some, any! You guys are awesome, you've already got me itching to sew with something I don't even have!! Thanks for the funny story, too!

Front inside cover of Quilt Sampler magazine. Way to go ladies!

I love reading your blog! It's so funny!

booth boredom can kill!! just kidding... but i helped at my LQS' booth once.. and it was the end of the day where everyone must have gone home already... and all i did was stare at other booths & try to not spend a ton of $$!

Wow those customers were really lucky - I haven't seen the yardage anyplace online yet, just the precuts! And you can be sure there is zero chance of it turning up in the shops here in the UK - the buyers here are a very conservative lot! A few independents get the cool stuff and sell it at the big quilt shows (eg Festival of Quilts Birmingham) but I can't get to anything far from home :(. I'll keep looking for it though!


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