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Monday, August 17, 2009


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Wow! That corn looks so fresh and delicious. My son lives in Oklahoma in an area where they grow a bunch of fresh corn that is really good when grilled. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits is the way to go.


a post after my own heart! terry sweet of sweet's gourmet sweet corn

I am so glad that I found your blog! I am a pattern designer and I LOVE your stuff (who doesn't, right?). I just did a blog post about you and I have a wonderful trinket made out of your fabric that you should see! SO CUTE! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents!

Amanda Herring

I was blog surfing this morning and noticed a cool shout out to you guys on the Moxie Fab blog here:

Awesome! I spent last week freezing corn too - about 45 dozen ears. I love your pictures!!

Hi! I happened upon your site by way of Moda Bake Shop. I might just try that table runner. Anyway, what caught my eye is that you are 80 miles from Denver. We are about 200 or 250, but Denver is definitely our closest city, so I was wondering if we are close to each other. I'm in Colby, Kansas. Check out my site sometime. I like all your beautiful pictures. Isn't rural life great?

That looks wonderful! We spent every 4th of July putting up corn when I was little because that was when my Granddaddys corn came in. Oh how I miss that. It is well worth all the hard work. I am looking for some sewing machine advice if you have a minute to send me some at my blog. Jackie

i live in corn town/state/area. i get to see it grow. and i totally agree fresh corn or no corn at all. i'm not as motivated though to have corn in the winter :O)

Wow - 21 dozen ears - you are ambitious. Sounds like a lot of fun, and totally worth it for that fresh taste all year long. Alas, no farm stands with fresh corn here in AZ...I do miss my days when we lived in the East.

I wanna pet the sheep:)

We don't eat anything but fresh either. Luckily, they grow it right around the corner.

I love your corn project! Looks like fun but at the end it does seem overwhelming! You'll enjoy lots of smiles when you eat it this winter! Enjoy!

Nothing like fresh corn...but boy it is messy to shuck! ;-)

I cannot bring myself to eat canned corn either, and there's only one brand of frozen corn I'll eat. All summer we just buy corn from nearby farms because they're so sweet!

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